Getting your Royal Enfield Trip-Ready for another year of Motorcycling

The all-important First Ride of the year finally happened after a long wait for the MotoGods to bestow their blessings upon me. The pre-ride dilemma was real though, as I found myself swinging between the sonorous thump of the Cast Iron Electra and the AllRoadNoRoad abilities of the Himalayan. I even went down to checking…

नाझुक नाती

नाती किती नाझुक असतात, ह्याची जाणीव, आज परत एकदा झाली। चुकीचे शब्द, चुकीच्या प्रकारे, चुकीच्या वेळी जिभेवरून सरकली आणी, एका क्षणांत मने घायाळ झाली। अम्मा म्हणे: “एक घाव दोन तुकडे कर्ण, फारसा कठीण नसता, पण, मन जोडुन ठेवणं, मात्र भरपूर अवघड असतं। म्हणुनच, ते जवाबदारीने निभावायला लागतं।” नाहीतर मग, समजुतीच आणी आपलं वाकडं, आजच्या सारखं…

Royal Enfield Himalayan Crash Guards by A4Moto Designs

I’d been on the look-out for replacement crash-guards for my Royal Enfield Himalayan after damaging the ones I had in a tarmac scraper. My search led me to an unassuming corner in Dahisar East, through the doors of A4Moto Designs.

Hope in the time of turmoil

We take life for granted. Lost in our professional and personal routine, there’s no time to stop and think about the inevitable. We assume that we’ll return home to our loved ones, our ‘people’.

Alternate Civic Response to the Mumbai Rains Bridge Collapse

A key foot-over bridge that runs over the Western Railway tracks came crashing down this morning. The incident came on top of heavy rainfall that the city & suburbs have been experiencing since late last evening. As expected, the bridge collapse has thrown rail & road traffic out of gear, with everyone’s morning commute being…

Putting the personal back into writing

Life’s strange. On one side, I’ve been fortunate to have projects flowing in, while, on the other, the personal observations have had to be kept at bay.