What does age have to do with immunity? 5 ways to boost immunity

Immunity – the one crucial factor that makes the difference between a healthy life, and a not-so-healthy one. Every living, breathing being on this beautiful planet of ours is bound by the circle of life. You’re born, you grow up, you grow old, and you die. There is no escape, but you can improve the way you live – something that you need to focus on as you age.

Our parents/elders try to inculcate the right habits in us as kids that should ensure immunity levels stay adequately high for the rest of our life. As we age however, these habits tend to get obscured over time. Biologically too, our immunity levels tend to dip through adult years. All the more reason for putting time and effort to ensure we stay healthy into our senior years. It was these 5 ways to boost immunity that came to mind:

  1. Home-cooked Meals:
    We live in a time where a number of adults prefer the convenience of app-delivered meals over home cooked ones. But a home-cooked meal is likely to offer better nutritional value (and therefore, higher immunity) than a commercially prepared one, especially when you consider the value between the two, rupee-for-rupee. At the end of the day though, whatever the preference, the focus should not be just on cost savings, but on consuming adequate nutrition and increasing immunity.

  2. Fresh-Fruit Consumption:
    Most of our adult life is spent chasing paycheques and providing for the family. Fortunately, even amidst such a cut-throat environment, we have ready access to fresh fruits within easy reach. All we have to ensure is to reach out to the fruit and an immunity boost is ours to eat.

  3. Supplemental Nutrition:
    Consuming traditional beverages, such as a glass of warm milk with honey and turmeric mixed in, to water infused with fresh tulsi leaves is being followed through the decades as immunity boosting advice. Then there is the supplemental nutrition route for a modern, scientifically grounded take on how to increase immunity in adults in India. Take Ensure for example. It has 11 immunity boosting nutrients and it supports a complete and balanced diet.

  4. Fitness:
    Setting and following your fitness routine is almost always beneficial in terms of boosted immunity. Be it at the gym or through yoga or, brisk walks around the block, or even walking in the house – there are more ways than one to get the right amount of exercise. Find what works and stick to it.

  5. Hobbies:
    There is nothing like a fit mind to complement a fit body, in the circle of life. While nutrition and exercise keep us physically fit, we all need a hobby or two in our adult lives. Not only does it result in a routine that engages us, but by exercising our brain cells, it boosts our mental immunity levels as well.

Making sure we get the right amount of nutrition from the right sources is a key element in the fight against infections. A fight, that gets critical as we age. It is something that we all need to think of, and act, not just for ourselves, but for our kids and elders as well. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

Stay safe! 

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