A scoop full of bullshit

The write side of life

This is in reference to a write-up I once read on the scoops and vomit, yes you heard right. He does have a distinct style and rather offbeat style that makes slang sophisticated. The author’s thoughts became a benchmark for me and helped understand where to NOT over do it. For example there was this “wanting to be journo” who to add some spice to his write-up put in a dash of profanity. While the journo who made an attempt to write like the author in question, his thoughts on this certain event allowed me to assume that he did he passed out from a vernacular medium school where English is taught as the 3rd language. There are some auto journalists who write quite well and to the point. This is not about who writes best but it is about those idiots who would have barely made it to…

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Keep Moving, Keep Exploring

2009 Royal Enfield Bullet Electra 5 Speed on a suburban road in Mumbai, rocking the 'One Life to Travel' keychain by ViaTerra

Broken road, cobbled road – smooth road or no road; the surface underneath doesn’t matter as long as you’re riding. 

There’s only one life to travel & we’ve got to keep moving, keep exploring…

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10 Best Breakfast Places in Bangalore to Eat Like a Bangalorean

Have food will ride… Another list of must try places for us #HauryaBikers🙂

Moto Trance

  1. Brahmins Coffee Bar: You should definitely have the idly, wada, kara bath, kesari bath and tea/coffee as these are the only options available. Waiting in the lengthy queue will makes your taste buds crave more. You would not believe such less pricing exists in Bangalore. No sambhar and only serves the above 5 dishes. Serving since 1965, started by late Sri K V. Nageshwar Adiga, whose son N Vasudev Adiga now owns the  chain of Adiga’s.


  1. Vidyardhi Bhavan: Serving 1943, located in Basavangudi, South Bangalore and popular for the Masala Dosa. This is one of the Landmarks of Old Bangalore. The testimonials for this place go from the current Chief Minister Mr. Siddaramaiah, former CM to former PM and former chief Justice of India.



  1. Airlines Hotel: Located Lavelle Road, this is a popular Bikers joint with open sitting area and people visiting from Cubbon park…

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Godspeed MooCow

A cow shaped soft toy that could be warmed in the microwave, in order to comfort kids during cold nights

Still vividly remember the day you came home. I was a few thousand miles away from familiar land, wondering what to get for everyone at Diwali. I didn’t know much but hit the web & started ordering as per individual preferences. The distribution began even before I’d gotten over the jet-lag. One after another they came and took away their spoils, returning as happy souls I’d imagine. As I unwrapped your packaging, I saw this panda-esque cuddly thing staring back. It was then that I knew to whom you belonged. Continue reading

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Reason to Love: the Royal Enfield Himalayan

Having just kick-started the whole ‘Reason to Love‘ idea, details here, what better a first post than one on the newest addition to our Moto-Family, the Royal Enfield Himalayan… Joining our 17 year old oil-smoking steeds, she’s been slowly winning our hearts one odo click at a time. While our main motorcycle shortlisting, purchase & ownership story is still waiting in the wings to be published (it is being updated off-line), this can serve to document our ‘Himalayan’ journey as a parallel narrative.

The aim is to keep this as a page that’s dedicated to the many discoveries about this wonderful motorcycle & I’ll try and keep it updated regularly with supporting snaps & occasionally, short videos.

So here goes…

#ReasonToLove the #REHimalayan – No. 1:

The Seat stays dry in the rain

The Seat on Royal Enfield's newest model, the Himalayan Adventure Tourer is covered of a special material that keeps dry even in the rain. This aids comfort & adds to the pleasurable riding experience

A wet, rain-soaked seat can get really bothersome when riding a motorcycle. It gets highly uncomfortable as things get squishy underneath you. Have seen it happen on multiple motorcycles, including the ones in my own extended stable. Which is why, the seat is a #ReasonToLove the #REHimalayan As can be seen from the picture, the seat stays dry even when the rest of the bike is soaked in a down-pour. Brilliant right.

So does you bike seat keep dry too in the rains? Let me know…

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Reason to Love: the beginning…

There’s plenty of bitterness in this world around us, the people, the things, you name it. But even with all the negativity, there’s still plenty left to be happy about. Ergo – the beginning of the #ReasonToLove series… Dedicated to a life full of appreciation, for there’s so much to be thankful, to be grateful about…

So what to you think? Hit up the comments & let me know…

And with this, off I go…



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Jugaad is killing us

Newspaper report in Times of India dated 4th October citing a leaking Ammonia filled tanker that was abandoned in a village near Vadkhal, Pen. It caused severe hardship to citizens & was improperly handled by cops & Chemical Factory Officials

Mechanical failures aren’t exactly a new thing for Indian motorists. The reasons range from lax maintenance standards & ignorance on proper procedures, to sheer indifference towards statutory compliance. We carry on nevertheless. Because, what else can we do. It’s a game of survival out there & we all have got to do what we got to do. Every once in a while though, our short-cut approach to life throws up a rather glaring reminder that we’re problem cutting it a bit to thin.

Take the report on the tanker tanker that suffered an equipment malfunction as seen in the picture accompanying this post. The tanker was carrying a load of ammonia. A gas that causes severe coughing, irritation & breathlessness among those who inhale it. The said tanker developed a leak in one of the valves. The driver transporting the cargo, abandoned the leaking tanker in a village with over 6000 people.  Continue reading

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Tyre Talk – Air Pressure Gauge

Slime Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge

When you’re out on the road, the tiny contact patches of rubber called tyres are the only thing keeping us from becoming a part of the scenery. Most folks around would simply go with the tyres that come along with their bikes. Few bother about the grip levels, how supple the rubber is and other such things.

Irrespective of how important tyres are to your riding, there’s no denying the fact that the simple air pressure check is a must-do on your pre-ride checklist. That’s where having your own tyre pressure gauge comes handy. Continue reading

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5 am Bliss

Jameson Whisky

Frozen Jameson

Fill shot-glass with Jameson.
Stick it in the freezer overnight.
Wake up at first-light.
Retrieve said shot-glass
Raise it to the lips, and
As your savour each sip,
You experience 5 am bliss!


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Pic Credit: @crabby222

Our differences are meant to be respected, celebrated even. Instead we use them to drive a wedge between perfectly good folks. Ruining the chances of a beautiful today & a fabulous ‘morrow. 

Why do we always have to get the others to play by our rules. 

Why do we go ballistic when they want to play their own game. 

Why can’t we live our own poison & not worry about how the world ought to be.

Why can’t we hold hands while we disagree. 

Why, why, why…

Note: I am taking my Alexa rank to the next level with Blogchatter – more dope on it when you hit the link.

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