Royal Enfield launches 3D configurator both on the site and app

In the beautiful world of motorcycles, they say that no two machines are ever the same. Traditionally, in the domestic market, the personalization would begin after you’d brought your motorcycle home. The times have changed though, these days prospective owners can get a jumpstart on the ‘make-it-your-own’ process even before they step out of their home. Royal Enfield’s 3D configurator, Make It Yours is a prime example of this. It features high-resolution 3D versions of their model line-up. This allows multi-angle viewing of the customisations you make in real-time.The legendary motorcycle manufacturer recently launched this fun, innovative feature both on their website and the Royal Enfield app. I have a blast each time I play around with the customisation options present in it.

The fun begins with selecting the motorcycle of choice (Currently available in two models – Interceptor 650 & Continental GT ) on the configurator page. I always linger here for a few seconds as I drool over the details while checking my ‘next motorcycle kitty’ to see if I’m there yet (still some time away).

Select it and a 3-dimensional rendition of your chosen motorcycle takes centre-stage. On it’s left, a menu bar allows you to configure the motorcycle for style, comfort and protection. Under these options, you can change colourways, seats and flyscreens as well as add engine guards and sump guards, while making subtle yet stylish additions like machined bar ends. Each time you add a part, the motorcycle spins around so you get a better view of the modification.

Moreover, every individual accessory sub-menu displays the price and a ‘detail’ tab.

Lastly, the accessory add-ons are totalled up neatly at the bottom of the configurator. Post order confirmation, the details are then shared with the dealer (chosen at time of order). They will contact you with regards to the payment and fulfillment of the same at the time of delivery.

It is good to see Royal Enfield stepping up their game yet again in offering the Make It Yours 3D configurator. Going beyond colour way options and giving prospective owners practical choices across accessories is a great thing. The overall ease of using it, transparency in selection, pricing and fitment details are some of my favourite aspects of this latest feature.

Once you have selected all that you have configured, you place the order. Here, they take your details and help you locate the dealership closest to you. The dealers will reach out to you once they get the order details. Your brand new motorcycle will be customised by Royal Enfield and delivered to the dealership. You just need to visit them and roll out with the motorcycle you configured online. It’s that easy.

The future looks promising as hopefully more categories and choices within them will be added across the entire model line-up.

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  1. Ruchi says:

    Bikes are no longer just bikes. This was such high tech stuff


  2. I loved the feature where you can zoom in – zoom out and rotate the motorcycle to see how it looks. What next? A button to touch the throttle and hear the sounds too ?

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