Chasing Sunsets

I’d say there are two kinds of people in the world. One set loves chasing sunrises, the other, prefers to chase it as it sets. I grew up being in the first category, but crossed over when I realised, I didn’t really like it when the temperatures rose.

Sunset – somewhere along Malwan, Maharashtra

Chasing sunsets also leads me to sights such as these. The fireball mellowing as it prepares to bow out for the night. The skies dipping and occassionally enough, clear as they can be.

This particular one occurred some time ago somewhere off the Malvan coast. Had been following a direction, when, predictably missed a turn somehow and ended up alongside this beautiful stretch. So distracted I was, that I ended up stopping with my wheel in a shallow ditch. Took me a fair bit of struggling to get the bike free, but it was all worth it.

I’m usually the slowest one in the riding group. Call it a case of underdeveloped skills, laziness, or a mix of both. Doesn’t matter, for I’m not complaining much. Especially when it leads me to sights such as this.

Over time, I’ve realised why I’ve come to prefer chasing sunsets. Not only is it cooler, but there’s also a nice chilled cheer to look forward to. A cosy spot to park at the end of the evening and I’m mentally at peace. Fortunate enough to have lived/survived another day.

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  1. Binil Varghese says:

    I am in total sync with what you said here. I love chasing the sun. Be it the sunrise, or the sunset. Though, I will admit I end up seeing sunsets mostly unless I ride out early morning (3AM) to avoid the crowds. There are times when I sneak out nowadays, in the wee hours of the night as there will be no one around. And return home right after sunrise. That is my way of coping with the pandemic.

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    1. I envy you a few times over. First, for still being able to pull off those 3 AM rides 😂 just can’t do them at all. And second, for being able to sneak out for a ride in these unusual times… I’m happy that you’re doing it though, truly happy 🤗

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