Hope in the time of turmoil

We take life for granted. Lost in our professional and personal routine, there’s no time to stop and think about the inevitable. We assume that we’ll return home to our loved ones, our ‘people’.

Phansad Reflections-01.jpeg

The year so far has given plenty to reflect upon – each new call or message of loved ones having passed away. Illness, old-age, crashes and suicides – the causes were many. But the aftermath has been devastating.

Compartmentalization kicking in, keeping the routine going, and yet, there’s this turmoil within.

Each night refuses to pass without fighting the demons in the mind, sleep arriving only out of exhaustion. The morning that follows is begun with a silent prayer for having given us another beautiful day in our life.

The new month brings with it the promise of a whole different phase. So, even as I mourn the ones lost this year, praying that there be no more – there’s still hope…


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  1. Hope in the time of turmoil
    A minds bridge to surmount
    Bypassing the cavities of uncertainities
    The boiling inferno
    Within & without
    A writeup of reflections


    1. Can i receive your blogs on you tube directly/ whatsapp. Thanks & regards,


  2. In a few words, you have said what everyone is silently thinking of. The uncertainty and the turmoil. Wish we really made time to stand , ponder and stare. I dont know what good it would do, but truly would lessen guilt and regrets.

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    1. Lesser guilt and regrets, kinda has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it 🙂


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