BASF Future Perfect 3.0 – Innovation, for a Better Tomorrow

BASF’s aptly named ‘Innovation Campus’ in Navi Mumbai was buzzing with optimism on Friday. Renowned innovators conducting path-breaking work in sustainable living, came together to share their vision at Future Perfect 3.0

Smart Cities, Electric Vehicles and Mass Transport Systems, Clean Air Innovations and Advanced Healthcare Monitoring Systems were some of the topics that were discussed at the event.

basf - doctor raman ramachandran.jpg
Enter a captioDr. Raman Ramchandran, Head, BASF, South Asia and the Chairman & Managing Director of BASF, Indian

Dr. Raman Ramchandran, Head, BASF, South Asia and the Chairman & Managing Director of BASF, India – started things off with a passionate talk on chemistry being at the heart of sustainable future. He also elaborated on the various ways in which BASF has taken an innovation driven approach, to developing sustainable solutions in addressing challenges that face society.


basf - nasal filter.jpg
Prateek Sharma, Founder, Nano Clean

The stage set, it was over to the illustrious line-up of speakers, with Prateek Sharma, getting things going. Having seen his mother suffer from the worsening pollution in the air, Prateek decided to take matters in his own hands and do something about it. Dedicating his life towards ensuring that everyone stays healthy by breathing clean, pollution free air,  he founded ‘Nano Clean’ in an effort to develop personal air-filtration solutions for everyone. His innovation – Nano Filters, a nasal sticker that blocks out air-borne pollutants is both, unobtrusive and easy to use, while being effective against PM2.5 particles. All this, at a price-point that is affordable to everyone.

The trait of finding innovative, sustainable solutions to personal problems shared by others in society proved to be a recurring one, as the next innovator took to the stage.

basf - akash manoj.jpg
Akash Manoj

Akash Manoj had the misfortune of watching his grandfather pass away due to a silent heart attack. The sixteen year old turned this personal tragedy turned into a public mission to make the world aware about heart disease, its causes and training people into identifying underlying symptoms. He invented a non-invasive, portable device, to be worn by at-risk patients that could then monitor and warn of irregularities in the functioning of the heart. Akash’s invention has made it possible for people in far-flung areas where full medical infrastructure is distant and difficult to come by. Inexpensive by design, it has the potential to save many a human life.

basf - naresh narasimhan
Naresh Narasimhan

Renowned architect and urban design expert, Naresh Narasimhan, infused his signature humour into the crowd as he discussed the symbiotic relationship between better governance and smart city development. He spoke at length about the need for harnessing all technological means possible to ensuring better public infrastructure in building sustainable cities.

basf - panel discussion.jpg
E-Mobility Panel Discussion

The panel discussion that was up next, saw industry luminaries such as, Dr. Yashodhan Gokhale, Mr Sergio Arispe Barrientos, Jeffry Jacob, Brieux Boisdeuin and Aditya Ramji sharing their valuable opinion on the ‘Future of Battery Mobility in India’. Aditya Ramji, Manager Economist at Mahindra and Mahindra Limited [Automotive, Farm Equipment and Agri Business] reiterating that electric mobility systems were the future but it would take ample regulatory support along with relevant subsidies to accelerate adoption and foster innovations, for this to happen.

Future Perfect 3.0 had shaped up beautifully and the overall consensus was that it had been a hugely insightful one. As the event came to a successful end, the key takeaway was that the pathway to a sustainable future lay in leveraging the human ability to innovate newer, more efficient approaches to doing things.

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