Why I’m happy eating chocolates again


My love for chocolates (like most of us) began at a very early age in life. I think, I developed a taste for it, even before I’d started to crawl.

Chocolates back then meant one and one thing. Cadbury’s. There was Mr. Pop’s, Break, Double Decker – all three of which have long disappeared into the distance. Then came Eclairs, Fruit & Nut Bars, Nutties – in their signature Red branding, and of-course, the festive-special metal tin boxes.

Then there was Amul. Big on taste, but low on promotional might – they couldn’t quite compete with the marketing muscle of Cadbury’s and later on, Nestle. But they sure did make some yummy chocolate. Sadly, most of the chocolates mentioned above, disappeared over the years. Low sales, changing taste and increased competition meant that some of my childhood favourites were discontinued. The ones that survived changed and lost their signature flavour, forever.

Then, one day, I spotted these giant, oversized Amul Dark Chocolate bars at a store. Biting into the slab, i felt like Anton Ego going back to his childhood in that memorable scene from the movie – Ratatouille. The dark chocolate was full of flavour – flavour that I’d long missed in the chocolates available here. I soon discovered that they came in this single origin packs, where each one of them, held their own on the flavour & taste scale.

Amul Chocolates were once again on the purchase list and I sought them whenever the occasion called for one. My latest discovery led me to the Amul Stall at Churchgate Station, where i got this – the Dark Passion.

A ‘Kit-Kat’ alternative to say – this one’s again a lot more tastier than the Nestle version. Not too sweet, not to dry, it’s got just the right amount of snap and flavour, to really melt in the mouth.

You think I’m kidding? I’m not. Go. Buy one for yourself and enjoy some sinful pleasures.


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