Flavours of a memorable childhood (A Matri-RoohAfza Tale)

Growing up in the 80s-90s, many a Sunday as a child was spent snacking on matri, as us kids huddled in front of the television to catch the Ramayan/Mahabarat/cartoon series. The matri was always had with ketchup (Maggi tomato sauce – if I remember correctly) and washed down with a chilled glass of RoohAfza. It was a ritual of sorts and something that is intrinsically linked to some rather fond memories of peaceful, happy time.

Beginners Guide to Offroading

So, what is off-roading? In simple terms, off-roading is the activity of driving or riding a vehicle on unsurfaced roads or tracks, such as sand, gravel, mud, snow, rocks, or any other natural terrain. These can constitute of purpose-built tracks, a barren piece of land, or a trail through woods, a goat path, or even…

Chasing Sunsets

I’d say there are two kinds of people in the world. One set loves chasing sunrises, the other, prefers to chase it as it sets. I grew up being in the first category, but crossed over when I realised, I didn’t really like it when the temperatures rose. Chasing sunsets also leads me to sights…

My Bullet Tale: the Stripes & Sunshine Affair

A motorcycle today is infinitely more efficient & reliable, not to mention powerful & loaded with tech, than their predecessors of yore! There’s one aspect though that sits uneasy in the head and that’s the growing creep of tech. Some of it is inevitable, a bit is desirable even. But the heart still yearns for…

नाझुक नाती

नाती किती नाझुक असतात, ह्याची जाणीव, आज परत एकदा झाली। चुकीचे शब्द, चुकीच्या प्रकारे, चुकीच्या वेळी जिभेवरून सरकली आणी, एका क्षणांत मने घायाळ झाली। अम्मा म्हणे: “एक घाव दोन तुकडे कर्ण, फारसा कठीण नसता, पण, मन जोडुन ठेवणं, मात्र भरपूर अवघड असतं। म्हणुनच, ते जवाबदारीने निभावायला लागतं।” नाहीतर मग, समजुतीच आणी आपलं वाकडं, आजच्या सारखं…

Hope in the time of turmoil

We take life for granted. Lost in our professional and personal routine, there’s no time to stop and think about the inevitable. We assume that we’ll return home to our loved ones, our ‘people’.

Alternate Civic Response to the Mumbai Rains Bridge Collapse

A key foot-over bridge that runs over the Western Railway tracks came crashing down this morning. The incident came on top of heavy rainfall that the city & suburbs have been experiencing since late last evening. As expected, the bridge collapse has thrown rail & road traffic out of gear, with everyone’s morning commute being…

Putting the personal back into writing

Life’s strange. On one side, I’ve been fortunate to have projects flowing in, while, on the other, the personal observations have had to be kept at bay. 

Namesake surprise

What are the odds that I meet my namesake, in a chance encounter, on the penultimate day of the year. Yes, that’s the beauty of motorcycling – anything’s possible with a twist of the throttle.