Mumbai – Maximum City, Unlimited Greed!

tower through the broken window grille

Having a roof over the head is a dream that fuels every one that calls this great, crumbling city their home. People slave their entire lives, often working in dead-end jobs, only to service that home loan. The home building industry on the other hand, believes that Mumbai should only be restricted to skyscrapers, each one taller & more grotesque than the other. Lavish, full-page adverts in all the key newspapers are the norm. Fancy names, exotic amenities and claims are all hallmarks of these ads. Promising the dream life to future residents, even if the ground realities continue to be far murkier than those lofty dreams. But there’s no match for human greed though. As a result,  the older, infinitely more beautiful dwellings that have witnessed the changing tides of the city continue to fall prey to this cruel enemy.

What the steel & glass clad monstrosities, and their investors fail to realize is that there’s only as much as the bubble will grow in size. A time will come when it’ll burst, leaving countless shattered lives, demolishing everything that stands in its path. And that will be the day, when this great city, will have the last laugh!

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  1. saumynagayach says:

    Well, it’s a harsh reality of Mumbai city and we can’t just deny that at all! The way its growing from outside and drowning from inside shows the dark side of urbanization!


  2. Mannu Sahni says:

    Very succinctly abstracted. This city awaits it’s own judgment day, which shall be subtle and yet so profound.

    The picture says it all.

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    1. Thank You for those kind words. Our city is priming itself for a man made apocalypse that’ll have mother nature raging on in full fury. Sadly, it will once again be the common folks who’ll bear the brunt, while the satraps get away easy 😦



  3. Sumedha Sahni says:

    Very well written!
    I do have my own perception and hypotheses of social development (including urban infrastructure), and the “bubble.”

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    1. Thank You soo much & apologies for the delayed reply too. Social Development here in India is driven only by pure greed. Will take a long, long time for this bubble to burst. Looking forward to hearing your views on this when we meet next.

      Cheers 🙂


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