The Gulbakshi in the Window

Blooming Gulbakshi FlowerMumbai – a city where everyone is chasing their ideal home dream.

Some want one that’s high up enough to let them mingle with low-hanging clouds. Me, well, I dream of something that’s at the opposite end. Don’t get me wrong though. I’d love to have a home with a view that opens up into the clouds, but call it laziness or being practical, I prefer living closer to terra firma in a city like Mumbai (a quiet by-lane would do just fine though). Add to it the dream of a house that opens into a garden. Filled with lush green shrubs that spout flowers in a hundred scents & hues.

Life however, has its own plans & pace at which it unravels. Which is why, I decided to adapt that dream a little.

Over the years, I’ve tried multiple times to have some shrubs going on the window-sill. Sadly, the side-effects of a vagabond-ish lifestyle meant that the pots would go barren on a regular basis. 2016 began with renewed hope & I ended up replanting in those pots again. Don’t know what I did right this time, the plants didn’t just survive, they seem to be thriving. As the shrubbery grew denser, I spotted a dash of colour one fine day.

Lo & behold the mesmerizing beauty of nature, the Gulbakshi plant had started to flower. Nothing major yet, but watching a bulb bloom in your own window-garden, is simply beautiful. Sipping those cups of chai, as I sit by the window have become that wee bit more joyful. And like I learned as a kid, all the good things in life must be shared. Which is why, the snap & this post.

So tell me, do you have a secret garden dream? Or are you living it already? Would love to know. Cheers 🙂

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