he just didn't sleep in out beds, he infused a new life into all of us
It wasn’t just the bed that he occupied, but pride-of-place in our hearts

Been 7 long years since his tail stopped wagging for that final time.

The entire house was gloomy that day, mourning the loss of a family member who’d given us so much. In just three short years, he’d formed bonds that’d last a lifetime & memories that are now a permanent part of the family folklore. As we picked up our shattered selves, we continued mourning. Seeking an answer to why our dogs have so short a life as compared to us, humans. It was a question that would gnaw at the back of the mind for a long time to come.

Then one fine day, it hit me.

I realized, that the only reason why we outlive our dogs is because, it is as God ordained. You see, we humans may consider ourselves to be superior to the rest of the animal kingdom. The truth though, is that we have much to learn from them. And who better than our canine companions to teach us about humility, love, trust, contentment & other such priceless lessons. So, given that we are so hard headed when it comes to learning the true meaning in life, God gave us, dogs.

I was finally at peace.

Life today may not permit me to be adopted by a canine. Time & other factors have their constraints. But I know that it’ll happen & I look forward to it.

For, only when you have a dog in your midst do you truly understand, just how enriching life can be 🙂

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