Chuck ’em

in the firing line, image cred:
in the firing line, image cred:

So I threw somebody out of my life today. Drastic, right? Well, read on to know more

People come & people go. We do the same. The key lies in ensuring that we make this journey, this passing, as smooth as possible. Both, for us, as well as the other.
Sadly there exist people who don’t only disbelieve this, but also go on to abuse that sacred opportunity to make a positive difference.

One such person in my life, I chucked out today.
Clearly remember telling him that if he’d play true, he’d have a friend in me. But no. He chose to ignore the professional help that came his way, advice that’d help him improve personally & scale up his business. On the contrary, he chose to fleece me of my money, spat in the face of good advice & abuse all the goodwill.

Now, I have gone & let such people be in the past. But times have changed & so have i. The patience to tolerate cheats & liars is at an all time low.

This is why, no matter how deep the friendship, no matter how many great times have been shared, cross me & you’ll find yourself cut off. Then. No matter how hard you try, the trust shall never be restored again.

Good friends, just friends, old friends, new friends, biking friends, eating friends – categories don’t matter. Give shit, get shot \\m//

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  1. poojasahni says:

    Wow!! Now this is something intense!!


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