The Guwahati Debacle

Guwahati Molestation Perpetrators, India
Guwahati Molestation Perpetrators, India

No it wasn’t their fault. The reporter who instigated the mob of louts for a story, he wasn’t to blame. The mob that perpetrated this heinous crime, they did it for reasons best known to them. The bystanders who simply looked on as an innocent girl was stripped and assaulted in front of their eyes, they were all paralysed.

The Chief Minister of Assam, the hometown of the unfortunate victim – turned their private discussion into a PR exercise. Seeking electoral gains and playing to a gallery of voyeurs, he laid bare details that can easily lead back to her identity. Going further, he proudly shared his achievements with the press.

Alka Lamba from the National Commission for Women foolishly, irresponsibly revealed the real identity on the girl caught in this depressing storm. She then bravely went on to defend herself by with a statement saying that true identity of the victim was already in public domain and that Alka did nothing wrong. Of-course she didn’t do wrong. How could she?

The TV Channel behind the recording and continuous broadcast of the attack too is not at fault. Their chief editor, Atanu Bhuyan proudly portrays himself as a saviour. Claimed that his channel did the responsible thing in filming and distributing the video; thereby creating permanent record of this heinous crime.

Even the cops weren’t to blame. Their Director General, an authority from the topmost echelons of the State Police Force went on to say that Cops do not function like an ATM Machine. Press the button and there they are, to protect those in need. Another cop, the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Guwahati, Apurba Jeevan Barua claimed that it was an unfortunate incident. It had simply been blown out of proportion. Yes, you all are correct. None are you are actually at fault.
The only one at fault is the GIRL.

She went to a pub with guys. She was wearing inviting clothes. She tempted the mob to assault, grope and strip her in public. She got off too easy, the mob would have loved a gang rape. Every day there are reports of girls of loose morals being taught a lesson – one whose scars they carry for the rest of their breathing life.

Every girl out here is to blame. She asks for it and so she gets it. Sooner or later, everyone will.
As the pit in the stomach grows, i realize with dread that India, a country that is my home has become a country unsafe for every woman that walks on her soil. North, South, East, West, Metro, non-Metro, small town, large city, it doesn’t matter.

This country is no longer the place for women. Only sluts and whores who shall be assaulted and punished!!!! That is the bitter, shameful and unmistakeable truth.

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