The X-Mini MINI-II. It makes commutes bearable

Clarion Head Unit without Face Plate
Head Unit without Face Plate

Among the top 5 things i look for in a car is the music (entertainment) system that it supports. For, there is no greater lifesaver when battling gridlocked traffic on the commute. Music calms the soul, soothes those frayed nerves and helps keep me sane. About 15 months ago, life transpired to change the balance abruptly.

My faithful set of wheels was starting to get cranky in her old age and the painstakingly put-together music system gave up! Something told me that it was a sign and i began to put away monies for a restoration that get her to turn heads, but it would keep her chugging along sans complaints! But little was i to know that the decision would have such far reaching effects. The past few months have been nothing but sheer torture. The commutes had gotten worse and the lack of music was driving me up the wall. Sure, i could have simply gone ahead and done what everyone does; bunged in a bare-basic player and two speakers into the car. But that was never an option. She may be old and battered, but she’s always had a decent sounding music setup since the day she drove into my life.

Confused over what needed to be done, the days ticked over. Then, over the weekend, something happened.

X-Mini MINI II Capsule Speaker
X-Mini MINI II Capsule Speaker

Skeptical at first, i refused to believe that it would be any good.

Then curiosity took over and i took it along for the weekend trip. Never before had i seen such a small thing resonate with a full sound. Agreed it wasn’t in stereo and had its limitations. But for the size and portability, it was perfect. The reasonable pricing sweetened the deal even further. Boy, was i hooked!

And so it was decided that the X-Mini MINI II Capsule Speaker would be inducted as a permanent member of my congestion survival kit. Starting today, the daily commute promises to be a calmer one.

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