A Dozen Things to do before you say goodbye

Image Credits: Dionne Hartnett

Hate it all we want, but let’s face it, we can never hold on to someone forever. Goodbye’s are as inherent to life as death. Try as we might, but we can’t escape either. So the sooner we accept things for what they are the better it is for us. But before we come up against fate inevitable, here’s my list of a dozen things i wanna do before i say goodbye:

  1. Make him (or her) smile
  2. Watch a flick together
  3. Visit a place where either you or him (her) have never been to before
  4. Be there for them, even when you’re helpless about their situation
  5. Cook for them. If you can’t cook, then take ‘em to some place nice and share a cosy meal together
  6. Find or do something that’d get you’ll to laugh together
  7. Go climb a hill, visit the park or chase waves at a beach
  8. Catch the sunrise/sunset
  9. Sit up together to gaze into the starry night or alternatively, to aim curses at the dark, cloudy sky
  10. Sit up watching ‘em as they catch some shut-eye
  11. Tell ‘em a couple of your grand dreams
  12. Hold ‘em tight like you’ll never leave

If you’re rolling your eyes at the pointlessness of it all, then here’s some food for thought…

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a dozen of some beautiful memories rather than the ugly truth of the bitter parting that’d have welled up inside?

One Comment Add yours

  1. hana9712 says:

    Too true!
    Who cares if it sounds cliche, I think this is a great post 🙂


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