Bike Spotting: Hero Honda Street

The Hero Honda Street was a revolutionary one for our market. It promised all the control & efficiency of a manual transmission with the ‘clutch-less’ convenience of an automatic. It didn’t quite do too well though.  Maybe it was too bold an idea for regular motoring folks, or the ‘step-through’ riding style of the bike….

Riding along the NH8-NH3 Loop with SJCam’s SJ5000+

It’d been nearly two months since i’d gone on a ride, and the term ‘withdrawal symptoms’ would’ve been too mild to describe my state. So when I finally got my bike back home from the mech, a ride was definitely on the cards. Not satisfied with the usual 100 kilometre circuit, a slightly longer loop…

Haurya Bikers – Vaandri Diaries

Turns out, going on a mad, fun-filled ride is only the beginning. It was just another week when the ‘ridingitis‘ bug bit again with a vengeance. Since everyone’s schedules weren’t quite aligning, it was decided that this’d be a short breakfast run, down to Fountain Hotel on NH8 for some kheema pao. The point is…

Bikers Rev up with a Power Boost from Castrol!

Castrol has been a name that’s synonymous with the Biking scene, here in India for years now. Their quality lubes have powered many a memorable trip, while their Bike Points have rescued stranded bikers all across the country. With recreational biking starting to catch on in a big way, it was only fit to have…

Chronicles of Rustique – the story of a Yamaha Rx135

Prologue: Let’s face it, a casual glance at Rustique and anyone would be convinced that she’s some mix-breed pariah who’s spent more time in the gutter than breathing in the clean air. But then again, can’t really fault them for being ignorant, can i? The thing is Rustique and me go back a long way….