Bikers Rev up with a Power Boost from Castrol!


Castrol has been a name that’s synonymous with the Biking scene, here in India for years now. Their quality lubes have powered many a memorable trip, while their Bike Points have rescued stranded bikers all across the country. With recreational biking starting to catch on in a big way, it was only fit to have them in full force for the biking community. A few weeks ago, Castrol & John Abraham, announced the launch of the Power Biking app, one that has been designed by the bikers, for the bikers. Naturally, it was only fit that I took it for a spin & what an experience it has been.


From planning trips to connecting with Fellow-Bikers; sharing ride-care tips, to having a list of bike points no matter what the location, the Castrol Power Biking App does it all! But that’s just the beginning of it, for it is only when you delve deeper into the app that you start to discover the Lube Recommender, the Trip Manager, a Gallery to show-off & lot’s more. The best part is that this is just the beginning, for Castrol has a lot more in store & things are only bound to get better with time! So go on, take the app for a spin, I assure you that you shall come back for more…



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Vishal says:

    Indeed… And it’s quite nifty too… We bikers must use it more…

    Good review dude…


    1. Thank You Vishal. The app is indeed full of potential, waiting to be unlocked. Can see it becoming the go-to app for us Motorcyclists 🙂


  2. Bulleteerism says:

    Wow !! This app looks kickass !!


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