Cadbury Gems 

Something about Cadbury’s Gems that brings a smile to the face. Their colourful appearance, the sound they make when you shake the packet, that distinctive crunch when you bite into them – everything is instantly recognisable.

There’s even different ways of eating them. One is where you munch them down. The other is where you take the slower route, and hold each one under the tongue and swirl them in the mouth. Savouring the feel of them melting in the mouth, the coating cracking & the joy as you finally get to the chocolate inside. Aah, I’m tripping now…

And then there’s that Blue Gems. Only one of its type found in each pack, it is every bit of a coveted prize. One of my fondest childhood memories is fighting with my brother & cousins over who’s gonna have that ‘Blue’ gems. Even to this day, I don’t know if it tasted different or it was just the unique hue. But open up a pack of Gems & the same fights erupt – only this time, they’re between a mid-thirties me & sub 5 year old nieces & nephews :p

Judge me all you want for that, but as the Blue Gems goes, it is still the same attraction that goes back into a fond childhood 😀

I do wonder though, are you a Gems person too? And if you are, do you have a Gems ‘memory’ too… 🙂


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  1. Nobodoy’s gonna judge you for tripping over Gems, coz I do the same when my daughter gets a hankering for them….and Crax! Woohoo!

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    1. 😁 Gems gems hai I guess. Oh & Crax is another trip I recently got introduced to by a friend 👍


      1. I’m sure you loved it. There was a time when I wouldn’t go a day without it.

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        1. They were most addictive instantly. Though I’m still partial to the original Simba chips 😀

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          1. You are a Gem of a person! I love them too 😁😁😁

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            1. You’re far too kind 😊😀

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