Godspeed MooCow

A cow shaped soft toy that could be warmed in the microwave, in order to comfort kids during cold nights

Still vividly remember the day you came home. I was a few thousand miles away from familiar land, wondering what to get for everyone at Diwali. I didn’t know much but hit the web & started ordering as per individual preferences. The distribution began even before I’d gotten over the jet-lag. One after another they came and took away their spoils, returning as happy souls I’d imagine. As I unwrapped your packaging, I saw this panda-esque cuddly thing staring back. It was then that I knew to whom you belonged.

Perched atop the speaker, you had the run of the place. You’d keep a watchful eye on us all, as we went about our stuff. Then she arrived in our lives, and took our breath away. As she grew up, she took to you (and likewise) as if you’ll had belonged together for ever. We watched you comfort her, converse with her & keep her company so many times over the years. She knew exactly where you’d be sitting & come play with you the moment she’d walk through the door. And when you shifted to your new spot, it became all the more easier for her.

As time rolled on, she grew up & so did her toys. The visits got a little farther & it was just us, all over again. We could see you wanting to take it easy too. Just the other day, we’d been talking about how weak you’d become. Amma told me it was time. I knew it, but replied ‘not yet’… I wasn’t ready, but I guess you were. When the infection hit, there wasn’t much we could do. You just sat there watching over us, as you went, peacefully into the night.

I wish I had a happier picture of you, for this one, of you resting, doesn’t do much justice. I think I’m gonna check the archives for it, might just get lucky you know.

Lucky however we did get, with you. For there’s so many beautiful memories with her that you helped weave. Your calming presence helped work wonders too. So thank you for all the love & joy over the years. You will be loved & missed.

Godspeed MooCow…

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  1. upasna1987 says:

    Its a toy if I am not wrong . Isn’t it?

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    1. That’s right, it’s this Stuffed toy I’d picked up on a trip. Some beautiful memories of my niece coz of the toy 🙂

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  2. Interesting story.Emotions are sometimes difficult to find words for

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    1. Yes Doc. I find myself struggling quite a few times


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