Reasons to Love the Royal Enfield Himalayan

The Himalayan, a Royal Enfield like never before, yet, closer in spirit to all things RE, than one could imagine. One can say that this motorcycle is the one, that unites the past and the future.

This page is more of a dedication, to the many discoveries about this wonderful motorcycle. One that I’ll try and keep updated with supporting snaps & occasionally, short videos.

So here goes…


#ReasonsToLove the #RoyalEnfield #Himalayan – No. 2: The Instrumentation Console

Beautiful, isn’t it

Seriously, I mean, look at it. That’s one gorgeous instrumentation console onboard the Himalayan. 

Royal Enfield, sure did get the cockpit view right, and how. I can only imagine the pressure that’d have been. Staying true to the company’s illustrious history, while displaying the most information seen on an Royal Enfield console so far must not have been easy at all. Some say, that it was a little too busy to look at; me, I just think it is beautiful enough to be another #ReasonsToLove the #RoyalEnfield #Himalayan. What do you say? __________________________________

#ReasonsToLove the #RoyalEnfield #Himalayan – No. 1:

The Seat stays dry in the rain

The Seat on Royal Enfield's newest model, the Himalayan Adventure Tourer is covered of a special material that keeps dry even in the rain. This aids comfort & adds to the pleasurable riding experience

A wet, rain-soaked seat can get really bothersome when riding a motorcycle. It gets highly uncomfortable as things get squishy underneath you. Have seen it happen on multiple motorcycles, including the ones in my own extended stable. Which is why, the seat is a #ReasonsToLove the #RoyalEnfield #Himalayan As can be seen from the picture, the seat stays dry even when the rest of the bike is soaked in a down-pour. Brilliant right.

So does you bike seat keep dry too in the rains? Let me know…

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