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If you were to ask me, on how i perceive myself to be, you’d be met with a fair bit of an awkward silence. I wouldn’t know where to begin or how to go about it. But if you’re patient enough, i’d tell you that i’m an infuriating bundle of contradictions. Now i don’t consider myself to be much of a blogger – particularly in reference to the focused & talented bunch of people that are out there doing kick-ass stuff. I do however, like to think of myself as an observer, a dreamer who sees things a certain way, and then, occasionally, puts the word out about it, here, on this very site.

Life, for me, is quite unpredictable & i’m not too great at following schedules & such. which is why, it came as a surprise to me, when i signed up for this: #MyFriendAlexa campaign that’s being powered by the lovely folks at Team BlogChatter. How and where i reach through it, i don’t know. All i can say is that i’ve made a commitment & i’m going to follow through with it.

I have plenty brewing in the drafts & shall be taking the tales & experiences live, one post at a time. So thank you for dropping by & hope that you’ll keep coming back for more.

Tanmay 🙂

p.s. As you’d have likely guessed by now, my Alexa rank is Zero! Yes, that’s right, i’m at the start line. So here goes…  #MyFriendAlexa

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  1. Omkar says:

    From casual to professional! You Tanmay are going to rock this and are surely going to grab some insights out of this campaign and put it out there in your own observant dreamy way. Best Wishes.

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    1. Hey Omkar, thanks for those encouraging words. Yes, i’m the guy without much of a plan in mind, preferring instead to have a vague sense of direction & soaking it in as i go with the flow.

      Cheers 🙂


  2. Good luck for #MyFriendAlexa your rank will improve soon

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    1. Thank You & Good Luck to You too 👍


  3. akaushiva says:

    I for one am not known for sticking to schedules and planning. But Alexa campaign will surely help take our blogs to the next level. Looking forward to reading more of your tales and experiences.


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    1. Oh yes definitely. This is more of a self-experiment. Let’s see 🙌


    2. Thanks Aditi. I agree, learning a plenty with #BlogChatter’s #MyFriendAlexa campaign 🙂



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