Welcoming UM Motorcycles to the neighbourhood

UM Motorcycles Borivali Launch 1
UM Motorcycles dealership in Borivali, Mumbai.

Attempting to break into the automotive industry in India is a tall task. The market is ruthless & even established players routinely find their products sinking into red. This bloodbath is most evident in the 2-Wheeler segment, where a handful of bikes & scooters outpace the rest of them. It takes great guts for a relatively unknown player to come make a dent out here. Which is why, the entry of UM Motorcycles into the motorcycling scene is heartening.

It was sometime last year that I first became aware of the brand. I won’t quite bore you with the details, but if you’re interested, do hit them up on the web. Their delayed entry did put them back a bit, since the market had leapfrogged in terms of product expectations. Many have expressed their fears about UM Motorcycles, and I’d agree with them, to a certain extent. On the balance however, starting from scratch is never easy & the company is going about the task with a fair bit of intent. One of the most assuring things therefore is seeing boards popping up all over the country announcing the launch of the company showroom. After all, a strong retail presence is not only desirable, it is also one of the essential components to succeeding here.

UM Motorcycles Borivali Launch 2
Credits: Pooja Sahni – https://twitter.com/crabby226

One such showroom – Western UM, opened up in the Western Suburbs yesterday & we decided to go check it out. As we came up on the entrance, it was heartening to see it crowded. Quite a few folks rubber-necking it on the southbound commute too. Western UM had both their cruisers – the Renegade Twins out on display, with the Sport looking a lot better in the gloss black shade.

Motorcycles & Music go hand-in-hand, and Western UM had a nice gentleman belting out some favourites, including the Eagles. They also have some cool merchandise on display including helmets, sweat free T-Shirts, shoes & other accessories; with more to hit the shelves as things get underway. I even purchased a pair of odour-free socks and will keep you’ll posted as I test them in the coming month.

This spanking new dealership – Western UM, is located on the busy Western Express Highway (WEH is located off the south end at the Magathane Flyover. Another landmark is that it is opposite the hugely popular Metro Cash & Carry store.

Here’s wishing UM Motorcycles a smooth running as they go about expanding their sales & service network across the country.

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