BMC’s Pothole Filling Methods Bleeding Mumbai to Death

BMC Pothole Filling Lies
Image via DNA Mumbai – 24th August, 2016

Each year the BMC goes about announcing that they are prepared for the monsoons this year. They promise residents that it will be smooth travels on the streets of Mumbai. Yet, all it takes are a few pre-monsoon showers to show us the reality for what it is – a stinking bag of lies. This year, in 2016, just like the ones gone past, the BMC has been making all the right noises about filling potholes & smooth roads. However, as the image above shows, the commute is only bound to get bumpier.

BMC’s world class standards are in full evidence in the snap put up in today’s Mumbai edition of the DNA newspaper. An asphalt road had its top layer washed off, leaving it riddled with potholes. The BMC & their swindling, blacklisted contractors, came & filled up these potholes with paver-blocks. Yes, that’s right, the same cursed paver-blocks, that are being used by the BMC to relay entire roads, are also used to fill potholes. Now, these paver-blocks were never meant to be used as road building material & certainly not as pothole fillers. But the BMC in their infinitely corrupt wisdom continues to do so. And to make matters worse, when the cursed paver-blocks deteriorate further, the BMC resorts to laying its tar mix over it.

So there you have it, just a couple of workers (most likely to be untrained), armed with the most rudimentary farm tools, going about filling potholes in Mumbai. A city that contributes 30% of the direct taxes to the central government’s coffers, one whose Municipal Corporation (BMC) is the richest in the country, gets administered by swindling crooks in uniform!



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