Mojo-ing around: Mahindra’s latest, and most anticipated tourer reviewed.

The Petrolette


It’s been around five years since rumors of the 300 cc Mojo did rounds in the Indian market, and 2015 finally saw Mahindra bring this rumor to life.  Over the year’s anticipation led to people almost believing that the Mojo was nothing but a legend – no one saw it, but just heard about. Numerous test mules were spotted, but no one really knew much about the machine. And when Mahindra finally launched the Mojo last year, it grabbed eyeballs not just for its looks, but also performance. We’re a little late in the testing bandwagon but nonetheless we couldn’t resist getting our hands on it. So here’s what we think about the latest steed from the Mahindra two wheeler stable.


I won’t be wrong in saying the Mahindra Mojo has an intimidating stance. A quick glance and one may mistake it to be a Diavel on a diet…

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