Is Himalayan A Problematic/Unreliable Bike? – FALSE!



The Himalayan has recently come under a lot of fire for teething issues and the recall for replacement of a few engine components. Lot of our readers as well as many other forums are asking whether they should steer clear of the Himalayan. I agree I was one of the writers who wrote about these issues in the following articles – Royal Enfield Himalayan – Reports of Early Problems and Royal Enfield Recalls the Himalayan. But does the Himalayan deserve this negative image? Is Himalayan really an unreliable/problematic bike causing much grief to its owners? The answer is simple – No.

The Himalayan had extremely minor issues initially like a slightly hard gearshift, minor oil leak and a slightly noisy engine (tappet noises). Did owners really have major breakdowns or were they left stranded on the road or needed repeated visits to the service centre for repairs? – No.


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