My ‘PizzAah!’ Experience – Ep. 2 – Stuffed Garlic Bread

Continuing on from the happy-pizza experience at PizzAah, we’d heard the jolly chefs there saying something about Stuffed Garlic Bread. Now, while other brands offer Garlic breads in regular & with cheese/chicken toppings; PizzAah! goes a step further with their Stuffed Garlic Bread. We knew we had to sample them & decided to come back another day for it.

Stuffed Garlic Bread Platter (Non-Veg)
Stuffed Garlic Bread Platter (Non-Veg)

Like the last time when we’d trooped in to sample their Pizza, we chose to maintain a balanced approach this time around too. We called for a platter each of Stuffed Garlic Bread, in both, Veg. as well as Non-Veg options. Each platter comprised of four Stuffed Garlic Breads, in two flavours. In the vegetarian option, we chose the Italian one, which came stuffed with chopped Black Olives & the other, was a spicier one, stuffed with Chopped Jalapeños. In the non-vegetarian option, we opted for the Barbeque Sausage & the Smoked Salami option.

Stuffed Garlic Bread Platter (Veg)
Stuffed Garlic Bread Platter (Veg)

The breads were a good 4-5 inches long & appeared to be stuffed well. PizzAah! also serves their house dips to go along with their Garlic Bread & we called for all three on the menu: Marinara, Tikka & Cheesy Jalapeno dip. As with their Pizza, we were thrilled to note that the base of their Garlic bread was firm & crisp, with no greasiness whatsoever. The rest of the bread was soft, moist & loaded to the top with their delectable fillings.

Stuffed Garlic Bread
Stuffed Garlic Bread

What I loved, was the flavour oozing out of every bite. The wood-fired, smoked magic had worked wonders across the food that I’d sampled so far. What’s more, the dual characteristics of being non-greasy & having just the right amount of firmness in the base, meant that their Pizza & Stuffed Garlic Bread also kept for longer.

Perfect then for those party nights or after-work team-building sessions at the office. One could also easily refrigerate leftover PizzAah! goodies, reheat them the next day (all pizza/garlic breads are tawa-friendly) & still be able to taste the flavour & freshness.


  • PizzAah! is in the process of ramping up operations across Mumbai.
  • They’re currently a delivery-only operation in the Eastern part of Andheri.
  • In the coming weeks, they should have franchisees opening in the Western Suburbs.
  • They’re also expanding into other cities across the country, with Pune being next on the radar.
  • Their menu too is being revamped as we speak & the new one should be out soon.
  • Dipesh, who handles the operations part of the business is a bookworm, an avid motorcyclist, a budding photographer, a seasoned traveller & thorough gentleman. Do hit him up if you’re in the vicinity.


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