Rustique Chronicles: That backstretch run

Rustique, the beauty, shaking off the grime from Sunday last
Rustique, the beauty, shaking off the grime from Sunday last

So we were returning, all showered up. Cruising along quietly when boom, an empty patch has been spotted! A gear drops unnoticed, the throttle opens & into the power band we arrive. It’s like the devil has been awakened & suddenly the scenery hurls past in a blur. A quick-ish upshift & everything disappears into the mirrors.
Then, just as suddenly it’d begun, things come to a stop. We’ve reached the end of the road, dang! The grin, that wide, goofy, devilish grin though is gonna stay plastered on the face all though the day. Happy Friday Folks 🙂
#Rustique #BackRoadRush #2Stroke #RX135 #brraap #Love

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  1. vishipedia99 says:

    Awesome description Tanmay… The sheer thrill of riding a 2 stroke can barely be matched by anything else…


    1. You betcha bro. It is indeed unparalleled 😊


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