The Broken Compass
Photo Credit: http://bit.ly/1A5Pdn

Four months, yep that’s how far long it has been since I last ranted out here. From November last when an entire year finally ran out, till now, where the new year has gotten well n truly old, loads has changed.

Watched by maiden MotoGP at Sepang, Malaysia courtesy @castrolbiking ; ran donuts ’round the Holy fire with @crabby226 ; took of on an ‘unhoneymoon’ ride down the NH4 to well, Goa ; discovered the fantastic Chorla Ghat, vowing to return when possible next; took off on a handful of other bike rides, slid off the bike, met a whole new bunch of good folks, across Twitter & in the real world as well & topped it off with a last minute dash down to Goa (yes again), this time for the smashing @indiabikeweek

Today as I sit here typing all this out, I know that there’s a dozen odd blog posts waiting to be put out from the previous paragraph alone. Now some’d say hey, it is already too late. Maybe they are right, maybe I am. Which is why, I’m gonna see if I can flesh them out, one memory at a time.

Till then, so long folks. Have a blast out there & here’s to being back soon 🙂

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