15 Year Old Vehicles Banned in Delhi


According to an @EconomicTimes report, the National Green Tribunal (NGT); all vehicles over 15 years old shall henceforth not be allowed to ply on the streets of our national capital (Full Report)

I can see quite a few people around me rejoicing at this bit of news. Finally, they say, India is on its way to progress. Old vehicles are highly unsafe. Our maintenance attitude is pathetic & we give two hoots about the world that we live in. Well, I couldn’t agree with you more.

The motoring enthusiast in me however, threw up at this development. In one single sweep, the powers that be, have dealt a death blow to old school motor vehicle lovers.  You see, most of the privately owned vehicles to be affected would fall into the 4Wheel Drives (Jeeps, if you please), Cast Iron @royalenfield motorbikes & 2Strokes.

This bunch is high on passion & quite a few of them take great pride in keeping their wheels in top shape. These old machines aren’t used as daily rides, but more for that special outing that materializes every once in a while.

But the world is an endangered environment; one where it must be protected from callous human pursuits. So, I’m reasonably sure that the comments section is going to be filled with people talking about the larger perspective. They’ll bring to notice, the sheer selfishness behind this post, and so on. Which is good, I really appreciate the effort taken when someone shares their own take on things 🙂

This is why; I’d love to see a constructive discussion over this. One where we examine all the possibilities, their potential outcomes & the long term impact that it is likely to have on our lives.

So hit up that ‘reply now‘ button & pour your heart out over this. I’ll come back with my take on your views & we can let the conversation to flow from there.
What say, you up for it?

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