Rifah’isms – 28th December


Penultimate evening of the year & i’m still up to the usual antics.
All it took was a quick phone call & that’s that. Full speed ahead, no turning back.
Put Amma into the car & gunned the engine across the WEH.
30 odd minutes later, we’re at Sappa & Zoh’s den!


This lovely duo are parents to the ever so adorable Rifah – who manages to melt her Chaachu & Aajji’s heart each time she turns to call out to them.


So yeah, the guilt of having gate-crashed our way into their den quickly vanished away as giddy laughter & baby-talk together with kaanda-batata & ‘dhabaak’ waale jumps came to fill the house (sorry neighbours, but this was our time!) As is usually the case, my arrival means more mazdoori for the duo & with all the masti that was going on, a hearty appetite had been worked up.


Sarfaraz just shook his head from side-to-side as he doubled his lip-smacking Pasta recipe.


Zohra, the pastry wizard, threw in some whole-wheat flour, milk-maid & butter together, before nuking it in the oven for a while. The result, a finger-licking, warm fudge-cake that managed to balance off the sweetness to baked perfection!


Well, that’s how i managed to gate-crash yet another quiet, family meal of theirs. But by-God, did i manage to get grinning till my ribs hurt or what! So yeah, another fantastic evening gets marked – Mission Accomplished! 

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