Amma – the Rockstar

The first lady, she has a thing for two strokes you know.
How can I be so sure, you ask? Well, here’s how…


A pillion ride you’ve always been,
riding with dad when you were only in your twenties
& the ride back then was none other than the elegant looking Lamberetta…

Over a decade was to pass though for you to do an encore.
You were in your thirties by then,
when your first-born took off with you as pillion from one uncle to another.
The ride, well, it was the trusty ‘ol Ki-Ho!

Two decades & multiple medical run-ins later, you’ve done it again.
Knees trembling, heart pounding,
You hopped aboard for a spin around the empty colony streets on this chilly December night.
The ride this time, the re-born RX135, aka Rustique.

As the magic started to sink in, I couldn’t help but think…
Was it all but a dream, or did this just happen for real.
But then, as I watched you drift off into deep sleep,
I could only thank the Lord, for having blessed me with thee…

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