The gambit – women, motorcycles and empowerment

Riding for a cause is all nice, but what good does it do when the ’cause’ is Marketing (brand/personal). Time we motorcyclists (irrespective of our gender) step up our efforts & actually change the tide.
Spread the word if you agree.
Cheers 🙂

The Petrolette


I’ve been riding motorcycles for a fair amount of time, two decades to be precise. And in this 20 year long relationship with bikes I’ve met many women motorcyclists; some of them beginners, while some having logged thousands of miles on the saddle, not just in India but also abroad. When I started riding there were very few women around me who rode. The one’s who did were usually commuters who’d merely use motorcycles as a mode of transportation. I’d consider it a lucky day if I saw even one woman motorcyclist in Pune 10-15 years ago. It usually came as a surprise for most, although it does even now.

But things have changed gradually; more and more women are now riding motorcycles not just as a mere means of commuting, but out of passion. You don’t see women ride puny 100cc motorcycles handed down by the men of the…

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