The Parched Ghost of the Land

Soul of the Parched Land

2016 had a rocky beginning when it came to water. As summer progressed, things started to go from bad to worse. From cities to the hinterland, water scarcity began to spread its deathly tentacles everywhere. The monsoons may be just around the corner, but it’ll be a real shame if we were to conveniently forget about the horrors this summer. With wells drying up & dam levels plunging to unheard of levels, it is only a matter of time before we are faced with a water holocaust. While us city folk may cry hoarse of switching to bathing out of a bucket instead of standing leisurely under the shower, it is the farmers who are suffering the most. Acres of fertile farms are turning arid for want of proper irrigation.

Traversing through one such farm laid waste due to the dried up well on-site, I came across this patch of mud. To me it looked like the soul of the field had shriveled up & died out of acute thirst. A stark reminder of the future that awaits us all, should we continue to overlook the warning signs…

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  1. So well thought and equally well put. Time to stop and ponder and take corrective action.

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    1. Thanks Divsi, our water levels are in dire straits. While the monsoons shall save us for now, I suspect that we’ll be worse off in the coming summer, if we don’t do our bit now.


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