@TheBikerni wins The Motorcycling Club of the Year Award, 2013

The Bikerni shine on!!! Biker of the Year Awards 2013
The Bikerni shine on!!! Biker of the Year Awards 2013

Being a biker is a double-edged sword. People are forever taking pot-shots, cursing & abusing riders for breaking rules, being a nuisance and a danger to others on the street. To admit quite honestly, not all of it is unwarranted. There are many out there that care two-hoots about safety (theirs & others). They don’t quite love their bikes either, which is why they ride with gay abandon.

There is however, another bunch of bikers though. This is the lot that believes & practices the art of riding responsibly. You’ll often find them kitted out, using signals and watching the road better than the others. But society in general can and is quite cruel. For the moment they discover that it is a lady biker out there, they go about behaving like absolute jerks. From sexually harassing them, to turning every ride into a frikking ego-bust, these elements in society will stop at nothing to put a woman down. To them, biking is a man’s domain and the lady dare not get in the way.

The Biker of the Year (BOTY) by @xbhp & actively supported by @castrolbiking is a platform that encourages & recognizes the cream of the biking community who do more in each kilometre than what most people do in a year. To be nominated for a category is an honour in itself and winning it takes things to an altogether different level.

This is why; my joy knew no bounds when I learned that it was @TheBikerni that was awarded the Motorcycling Club of the Year for 2013. A journey that had begun two years ago, by @UrvashiPatole & @EinsteinReload had blossomed into a family that went beyond state borders. These two girls and the rest of the @TheBikerni family sure have come a long way. They have fought against all forms of opposition (going from the one in their own personal lives, to their professional & social circles). It hasn’t been easy, and, to be quite honest, it is something of a perennial thing. For when you live in this largely male-centric nation of ours, resentment towards the empowerment of women is a given.

So take a bow all you wonderful girls that are part of the @TheBikerni family & congratulations once again! Go on, party on now & keep revving \\m//

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  1. Vishal says:

    Take a bow indeed… Hats off to riders like Sharvari, Urvashi, Pooja and Firdaus…


  2. Bulleteerism says:

    Reblogged this on Bulleteerism and commented:
    Nice read!!!


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