Down the path to Aural Glory…

We’d been down the path to Aural Glory since the time we shared a bench in school. We’d managed to sit through our fair share of auditions, listening sessions, arguing over our personal angles on each occasion. As life happened, we went our ways but stayed in touch diligently, discussing audio & other stuff across the oceans (well, he didn’t quite have a choice there, but still).

A year (& some more) ago, Sarfaraz& Zohra had me celebrating over their arrival. As i sat there absolutely besotted with my partner-in-crime, the super adorable Rifah <3, they offered me something that had me jumping in glee.

In my hands were the much-acclaimed Bose IE2 Head Phones – woosh!

Fig. 1 – Bose IE2 In-Ear Head Phones
Bose IE2 In-Ear Head Phones

Impromptu listening session later, they took over the reins from my trusty ol’ EP630’s. It was time for the mandatory burn-in. The ageing iPod Classic was called out for the task and it was to my unfortunate luck that it died, just as the IE2’s were beginning to open up.

A few days ago, I managed to find a source with a DAC that would feed these fine headphones with some quality tunes and they have been absolutely impossible to put down ever since. The IE2’s have been singing loud and clear. Zero distortion all the way through, going beyond safe listening levels and into the personal volume comfort territory.

It doesn’t matter what genre gets thrown at them, they handle each and every tune with aplomb! EDM, Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Hindi as well as tunes in the mother-tongue, the sound through-put is simply awesome. Best part is that they neither bottom out, nor do they drift into sibilance and make my ears bleed. All that’s needed is some high quality bitrate files and little else.

So here I am, a lil’ late, but here nevertheless, thanking my stars and praising the Lord for thinking me worthy enough of such heightened pleasures

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