Dust Bowl Puppy

Stray Puppy
Dust Bow Puppy

Dirty, unkempt and without pedigree!

Hey, I’m referring to my canine friends out here, not some human animal that you might know. Even among the growing minority of dog owners/lovers out there, there are not that many who are clued in to the charms of the humble pariah. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking for any sympathy for them or even trying to convert you on the same. I still love the pedigreed ones, from labs to rotties, and everything in between. My only wish is for the world to open up to the charms of the pariah found in every other street.

I chanced upon this guy out here as he was being punished for some misdemeanor that his master had found him guilty of. Following the sound of his cries, I half expected to find some malnourished puppy down to his skin and bones. What I found instead was a handful of spunk! This guy was tethered to a chain, with his master going at him with a cane. But between all those painful cries I did get to hear some sharp barks and spotted a spring in his movements. Choosing not to interfere in the master’s teachings, I waited till the dust settled down.

What followed next were a few brief moments of pure, unadulterated joy.  The ‘dust-bowl puppy’ bared his soul through his expression filled eyes. When the time came for us to part, it was not with a heavy heart. This little guy had shown me, that life’s worth living, so long as you live it with a lil’ bit of spunk in the heart!

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