Manufacturing Defeckt

The other day, when I was sitting around,
Wishing for more days, to finish the tasks at hand
I trooped up to God, asking him
To add a few hours to each day of mine

He turned me down, telling me to try harder next time
So back I went trying to find a way
But lost the plot and went up to say
I’d sue him for manufacturing defects,

He heard me out, amused to the core,
then with a chuckle and a smile
He quietly showed me my lines
And walked me to the door

Going out with a heavy heart
I was jolted back to the start,
when i read the fine print hidden deep within
that woke me up from my dream…

“Guarantee void if influenced by humans,
No user serviceable parts inside”

One Comment Add yours

  1. Chandrika says:

    A great overview of the confusion every other individual goes through, great read felt better knowing that manufacturing defekt 😉


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