Trying out Castrol’s POWER1 CRUISE Engine Oil

Friction and heat are our twin enemies, robbing the engine of performance, and jeopardizing our trips in terms of reliability. The engine oil we use in our bikes, should not only give us superior power and performance, but do this for the extended period of time that we usually end up riding. This is why, I was excited when the good folks at Castrol India sent over their newly launched Castrol POWER1 CRUISE  engine oil for me to try. 

The easiest way to a healthy engine is to use the right oil and change it along with the oil-filter at  regular intervals. Given the number of critical running parts, protection (or damage, as the case may be) begins right from the moment you crank up the engine. Moreover, oil and filter changes tend to be quick and easy to manage, so there’s no real excuse for neglecting this crucial part of the motorcycle ownership experience. Castrol’s POWER1 CRUISE is said to be formulated to suit the precise requirements of us folks who love to tour the open roads. Available in the popular 15W-50 grade and convenient 2.5 Litre packaging, it is most suitable for riders of Royal Enfield motorcycles. It is affordable too, being priced at an MRP of  ₹ 999/-.

With my trusty Royal Enfield Electra due for its scheduled pre-monsoon service, it seemed like a good time to try out the new oil and experience the benefits for myself. Initial observations after a quick neighbourhood run have been positive, with the engine noticeably smoother to my butt-dyno. And there’s been no oil-leak either (Royal Enfield owners will get the reference), so yeah, things are looking good.

An extended run, till the next service, should reveal more about the impact of this oil on the engine performance and i’ll be back for sure to tell you more.

Meanwhile, if you’re on the lookout for a touring friendly engine oil of the 15W-50 grade, then, Castrol’s POWER1 CRUISE should definitely be on your list. I’m sure you’ll find a can to try it out for yourself, at the friendly spares/lubricants dealer in the neighbourhood. As for me, well, I’m going to spend some time on the road – so see you out there 🙂

Happy cruising!

Disclaimer: This is a Sponsored Post. The Engine Oil mentioned above was received gratis for the purpose of testing. The views expressed above, are completely my own and not influenced by commercial interests in any way whatsoever. Thank You for stopping by.

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