Bike Spotting: Bajaj M80 Custom

The Bajaj M80 has always been the workhorse of choice for people beyond the cities. Spotted nearly everywhere in Maharashtra, the M80 was the darling of people who wanted a hardy machine that could take a beating & go on without complaint or breakdown. Used as a farm wagon as well as a family transporter, the M80 was designed to blend into the social landscape. 

Which is why, it was a pleasant surprise to see this specimen. Bright & eye-catching, this particular M80 looked to be a fair bit away from its farming cousins. 

Rocking a few functional tweaks as well as plenty of visual ones, it is a welcome break from the usual ‘custom-bike’ scene that’s dominated by the Bullets, Pulsars & KTM’s. 

What do you say, does it swing your attention too or is it just another bump at the handlebar?

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  1. Anslem Fernandes says:

    That’s my baby….. surprisingly it been blogged too.
    Yeah it’s hand built with lots of detail work like custom seat,Speedo shift,foot pegs,carb is rejjeted for open filter.
    Much better than the farmers bike

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    1. Hey Anslem. That’s terrific of you to reach out.

      Man, I’ve swooned over your wheels for a long time now. Thanks for sharing the details on the ‘custom bits’.

      I sure would love to catch up in the area to know more about your wheels and the amazing build journey.

      Ride safe out there buddy.
      Cheers 🍻


      1. says:

        Can you please forward Anslem’s email ID? I really want to get in touch with him. I’m thinking of modding an m80 myself!


  2. Atulmaharaj says:

    It’s surely an attention seeker ! As Hemal rightly pointed out, loved the color.

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    1. You said it Atul! This ride is an attention seeker for sure. I’m usually on the ‘all go & little show camp’ but this one did made me visit the other side 🙂


  3. Hemal says:

    Wow! I never expected that to be seen anywhere… I love the rear wheel and the seat, plus the bright color combo…

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    1. That’s what caught my eye Hemal, the brightwork. Then went on to notice the bits you’ve mentioned along with others such as the air-filter & the repositioned Meter. Works well overall & looks properly built too 🙂


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