My Tata Hexa Experience – Part 3: Off-road Demonstration

Off-Road Demo - Tata Hexa - Giridhar.jpg
Tata Hexa shows off it’s AWD chops. Image Credit: Giridhar

We returned to Novotel Hyderabad sometime around noon, after a scintillating 180 kilometre drive over a mixed driving loop that helped us understand the Hexa’s abilities in typical road conditions. Tata Motors though had yet another ace up their sleeve. Most AWD owners rarely get to understand the true capabilities of their cars. The Hexa though is in a different league of beasts. It not only comes with a full complement of electronic stability & road control systems but also with some serious rough-road tackling capabilities. To further drive home this point, Tata had arranged for a special ‘Off-Road Demonstration’ with trained drivers behind the wheel.

  1. First up was a series of alternating ditches that most people would have balked at and avoided completely. The Hexa however, was right at home. Tackling the ditches, the smart AWD system kept breaking & supplying power to individual wheels in a way that maximized traction. It also gave us a great view of those huge 19-inch wheels being put to good use.

  1. Next was a sideways run along a specially created embankment that triggered some long forgotten memories. You see, some 20-25 years ago, the highway network was still in its early stages & even a single vehicular breakdown led to tail-backs that stretched on for kilometres. Enterprising SUV/UV drivers would often be found expertly manoeuvring their vehicles along the side of their highway in a bid to make up for lost time. But it was always a risky affair, for traction used to be at a premium & the slightest miscalculation would mean a roll-over, often to fatal effect.

Watching the Hexa expertly tackle this steep incline without any risk to the occupants drove home the point of just how effective a safety net, these modern day traction control & AWD systems can be.

  1. In another quick demo, the driver also took the Hexa over melting slabs of ice. It simply gripped like a mountain goat and drove on, where other cars without traction control & all-wheel drive capabilities would have come sliding down.
  1. Lastly, the Demo took us around a specially carved out path that gave us a good idea on the abilities of the Hexa’s ‘Rough-Road’ driving mode. Along with it we also got a quick demonstration of the Hill Descent Control & Hill Hold Control systems that had the Hexa going up & down the incline without any pedal inputs from the driver.


  • A special Thank You to the Tata Motors Team & IndiBlogger for having me down for such a wonderful ‘HexaExperience’.
  • The views expressed in all parts of my ‘HexaExperience’ are solely my own. They have been left untouched by all commercial interests whatsoever.
  • Tata Motors & IndiBlogger arranged for the Flight & Hospitality arrangements, and to this, I thank them all, once again.
  • A big shout-out to all the wonderful bloggers I managed to meet during the course of this event and, a sincere apology to all those I missed or forgot about.
  • While you’ve managed to run through Part 3 of my ‘HexaExperience’ above, do check out the remaining two parts as well: Part 1 & Part 2.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Cheers 🙂

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