Tyre Talk – Air Pressure Gauge

Slime Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge

When you’re out on the road, the tiny contact patches of rubber called tyres are the only thing keeping us from becoming a part of the scenery. Most folks around would simply go with the tyres that come along with their bikes. Few bother about the grip levels, how supple the rubber is and other such things.

Irrespective of how important tyres are to your riding, there’s no denying the fact that the simple air pressure check is a must-do on your pre-ride checklist. That’s where having your own tyre pressure gauge comes handy.

You might say that the guy at the fuel pump or even the puncture repair guys have their own tyre pressure gauge, so why bother with one for yourself. The thing is, commercial tyre gauges is that they are in near continuous use. They also tend to go for months on end without calibration. This means that they’re more than likely to result in incorrect pressure being maintained in your tyres.

Incorrect air pressure not only consumes more fuel, but can also contribute towards us risking our lives on the road. Riding conditions being what they are, both, over as well as under inflated tyres are therefore a hazard.

I know I went with the peace of mind factor when I picked up a tyre pressure gauge for my tool-kit. What’s your take? Do you carry a tyre-pressure gauge in your tool-kit? Hit the comments below & let me know. Till then,

Happy Riding!


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