Sugar Crusted Horse-Shoe Khaari

Sugar Crusted Horseshoe Khaari

My fixation with Sugar Crusted Horse-Shoe Khaari can be traced back to the childhood when i used to frequent my aazoba’s (grandfather’s) place. The modest arrangements there were in sharp contrast to the rich tapestry of life that unfolded on a daily basis.

Money was scarce & the living quarters, rather smallish too. Consequently, the residents of the building would live more in the corridors & verandahs. All through the day, there would be a steady stream of visitors plying a myriad medley of wares. The milkman would be knocking on doors at 6, while the ande waali (egg-seller) would come by around 11.

Come noon and there’d be a lull, as the elders got busy with their chores, while the kids would indulge in a game of corridor cricket. But it was in the evening though that the fun truly began.

Come chai time around 5ish and the khari & nan-katai waala would be awaited eagerly. Ears straining, we’d burst out of the doors upon hearing the familiar metallic clang, as he announced his arrival. Door-to-door he’d go, filling up dabbas & vessels of all metals, shapes n sizes. It was also the time when 20 rupees were enough to fill 6 stomachs with delectable goodies.

These days, people around are more into cookies & other fancy stuff. Not that its a bad thing & i love my fix of the modern stuff. But when i’m handed over a hamper filled with Sugar Crusted Horse-Shoe Khaari, it means that i’m going to travelling back in time & reliving those fond memories.

And as i savour them with my favourite hot brew, i can’t help but thank my Aatya (Paternal Aunt, aka Dad’s Sis) for indulging me & some of my fondest childhood memories.

So, what’s your take, got any such yummy memories of times gone by?

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