वाट-पहाती आई

वाट पाहत सगळ्यांची, त्या लाडक्या खिडकीत तिच्या, काढीले आयुष्य तिने. काळ बदलला, परिस्थिती पण बदलली घडवला सगळ्यांना तिने.  पण ती मात्र आजही,  त्यांची वाट पाहण्यात रमलेली.

A Mother’s Love is a Mother’s Love

She’d been in & out of good-health for close to two decades now. The very meds that keep her going, were messing with her system. A noticeable loss of appetite, against which there seemed no solution in sight. The (now) periodic escape from the city being her only solace. Her blood-sugar levels that had been…