Bhindi Boogie – A 15 Minute Lady’s Finger Recipe

What happens when you’ve got just daal & chaawal made, and are craving for some crunch. You make some crispy bhindi instead. A 15 minute recipe from the veggie basket/refrigerator to the plate. So here goes:

Haurya Bikers – Vaandri Diaries

Turns out, going on a mad, fun-filled ride is only the beginning. It was just another week when the ‘ridingitis‘ bug bit again with a vengeance. Since everyone’s schedules weren’t quite aligning, it was decided that this’d be a short breakfast run, down to Fountain Hotel on NH8 for some kheema pao. The point is…

वाट-पहाती आई

वाट पाहत सगळ्यांची, त्या लाडक्या खिडकीत तिच्या, काढीले आयुष्य तिने. काळ बदलला, परिस्थिती पण बदलली घडवला सगळ्यांना तिने.  पण ती मात्र आजही,  त्यांची वाट पाहण्यात रमलेली.

Aarini – Benelli TNT 300 Ownership Review

Originally posted on LEAVE THE ROAD:
The search for my next motorcycle started soon after my last one, a Yamaha R15v2, which I fondly called Zurina, got stolen in Bangalore. This was in February 2014. I never got the motorcycle back, so I was managing my rides by borrowing friends’ motorcycles or renting one every…

Looking Left

Originally posted on Living a Life:
The mountains were on my side. The valley was on her side. In that late afternoon the town in that valley made for good viewing. So, I looked to my left. Perhaps, for potential evening conversations, which are less of a reality and more of wishful thinking, I captured…

To Those ‘Once Upon A Time’ People

Originally posted on Isle Jazz:
Hi, Once upon a time I knew you. You knew me too. We don’t know each other anymore. I don’t know why I thought of you today. It is not that I have forgotten you. You stay in my memories, and they never leave me alone. But today I think…