जीवनात हरवलेला तो, कशासाठी? कोणासाठी? ठाउक त्यालाही नाही  पण, खाज म्हणो किवा खोड  डोक्यात मात्र एकच बोल कि त्याच्या ह्या कोलमडलेल्या आयुष्याला  उभारायचा कसं तो  घोळ

the war raging within

concern drives them into counseling him against riding for they fear their worst fears might come true little do they know though, that the very thing they seek to stop, is what keeps him going in a world that imploded, a long time ago…

Not Enough Time

flinching at the jabs in the heart chills coursing down the spine wishing for fingers intertwined while life keeps whispering in the ears there’s not enough time    

One day…

  One day it’ll all be overEverything will have ceased to matterIt shall then be timeNo hesitation or long drawn affairs of any sortJust the final shot That’d have met it’s mark

Sugar Crusted Horse-Shoe Khaari

My fixation with Sugar Crusted Horse-Shoe Khaari can be traced back to the childhood when i used to frequent my aazoba’s (grandfather’s) place. The modest arrangements there were in sharp contrast to the rich tapestry of life that unfolded on a daily basis. Money was scarce & the living quarters, rather smallish too. Consequently, the…